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1 Hana Uzun , Mersid Poturak Factors Affecting Online Shopping Behavior of Consumers 2014, September 7018
2 Mersid Poturak Influence of Product Packaging on Purchase Decisions 2014, September 5543
3 Anna Slatinská Irish Language as a Part of Cultural Identity of the Irish 2014, September 1653
4 Ivan Čillík , Martin Pupiš , Maroš Salva Cumulative Training Effect in an Annual Training Cycle of Female Competitors in the Long Jump 2014, March 1173
5 Aleksandra A. Vorozhbitova , Gaukhar I. Issina Professional Linguistic Personality as Subject of Discursive Processes: Conception of Linguistic Rhetorical Culturological Education 2014, March 1162
6 full nomer 2015, March 1122
7 Mikhail Zuev Intercultural Communication and Winter Olympic Games 2014: Consequences of Cultural and Language Space 2014, March 1099
8 Evgeniya V. Vidishcheva , Maria Ransberger Sustainable Development of Sochi as a World-Class Tourist Destination 2014, March 1005
9 Agata Buda The Experience of Time and Space in Hard Times by Charles Dickens 2015, March 957
10 Marianna Bachledová Terminology and the Internet in the Context of Slovak Translation: How to Avoid Traps 2015, March 920
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