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European Journal of Social and Human Sciences

Number 1. (in 1 part) March 15, 2014

1. Mária Badinská
Canadian Studies as a Part of “Realia” Courses of English-Speaking Countries

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2014, Vol.(1), № 1, pp. 3-5.

Mária Badinská is a professor at Matej Bel University, Faculty of Political Sciences and International Affairs where she teaches at the Department of International Communication and Foreign Languages. This article deals with the state of Canadian Studies in Slovakia before and after 1989. The author also discusses the future of Canadian Studies and their contribution to mastering a foreign language in the “new” globalized world.

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2. Susanna D. Bagdasaryan
Daily Occurrence of the Southern Russian Peasantry and Church Institute in the 1920th

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2014, Vol.(1), № 1, pp. 6-10.

In this article are considered aspects of the state Soviet policy on formation of new country daily culture in the conditions of fight against church institute, its influence on traditional society during an era of new economic policy. Means and ways of carrying out discrimination actions by the Soviet authorities of anti-church promotion in rural society of the 1920th years in the south of Russia are analyzed. Decade of preparation of active approach to church, as on institute capable to influence and form mentality of the people is considered. Results of the pursued state policy on destruction of cultural influence of church on the country mass of Kuban, Don, Stavropol Territory in vision of the concept of creation of new Soviet atheistic society are studied.

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3. Danijela Branković, Bojan Đerčan
Subjective Factors in Natural Science Education

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2014, Vol.(1), № 1, pp. 11-18.

Managing the learning process in a modern school should be based on scientific facts that show large differences in the abilities of students. For students in upper primary school, differences in certain aspects of their mental development are up to eight years of schooling. Uneven development leads to their uneven progress in education. Due to the fact, a class even approximately does not represent an equal level of knowledge, but includes the various levels of individual students. In order to insure favorable conditions for learning to all students of class, teaching adapted to the capabilities of an average student has to be completed by the procedures of individualization. Therefore, modern education can not be imagined without the procedures of individualization, because only in such conditions of education, there are opportunities for the full development of each student.

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4. Ivan Čillík, Martin Pupiš, Maroš Salva
Cumulative Training Effect in an Annual Training Cycle of Female Competitors in the Long Jump

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2014, Vol.(1), № 1, pp. 19-27.

This contribution deals with cumulative training effect in two periods of an annual training cycle: 1st period - the summer preparatory period and II. summer racing period, 2nd period: the winter preparatory and indoor competition period in 16-17 years old female competitors in the long jump. We monitored the changes in the level of reactive strenght of the lower limbs using a test of 10 repetitive plyometric jumps on the jump ergometer Myotest PRO. The test was performed at the beginning of each monitored weekly microcycle. We monitored the following parameters: height of the jump, duration of the contact, reactivity and stiffness. The performance of the athletes in monitored parameters had a fluctuating course during the monitored periods. The results have confirmed the correctness of composition of the training. Therefore, the long cumulative training effect positively reflected in an increase of the performance at the schedule time, at the end of monitored period in the indicators of reactive strenght. The research has demonstrated the need for ongoing diagnostics of key indicators when manipulating with a training load.

URL: http://ejshs.net/journals_n/1396777302.pdf
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5. Jana Javorčíková
The Role, Methodological Basis and the Subject of Cultural Studies in the Globalized World

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2014, Vol.(1), № 1, pp. 28-33.

The article entitled The Role, Methodological Basis and the Subject of Cultural Studies in the Globalized World analyses the essentials of the academic subject of Cultural Studies in the Globalized World. The article analyses reasons why acquiring culture is equally important to becoming linguistically competent for any language user (a regular user of language as well as professional translator and interpreter). The author provides evidence from various areas of linguistics where cultural background of a linguistic phenomenon is as relevant as its translation. Finally, the author provides a synthesis of several current definitions of the notion “cultural studies”.

URL: http://ejshs.net/journals_n/1396777357.pdf
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6. Svetlana V. Petrova
The “Three Presidents’ Declaration” as a Project for Post-Conflict Peace-Building in the Southern Caucasus

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2014, Vol.(1), № 1, pp. 34-39.

This article examines issues relating to the present-day geo-policy of the Southern Caucasus and the process of emergence of new unrecognized states: Abkhazia, South Ossetia, and Nagorno-Karabakh. The author defines the role of Russia in the process of settling the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and providing assistance to Abkhazia and South Ossetia in terms of gaining recognition as independent states. The article also outlines the major dimensions to resolving political conflicts, set out in the Meiendorf Declaration.

URL: http://ejshs.net/journals_n/1396777420.pdf
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7. Evgeniya V. Vidishcheva, Maria Ransberger
Sustainable Development of Sochi as a World-Class Tourist Destination

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2014, Vol.(1), № 1, pp. 40-43.

Following the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, our top-priority objective aimed toward sustainable development of this resort city is turning Sochi into a center of international tourism, capable of presenting to the global market of tourist services an integrated competitive tourism product. The article examines the major dimensions to developing the city in present-day conditions based on research conducted at the Sochi State University over the period of preparing and staging the 2014 Olympics.

URL: http://ejshs.net/journals_n/1396777500.pdf
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8. Aleksandra A. Vorozhbitova, Gaukhar I. Issina
Professional Linguistic Personality as Subject of Discursive Processes: Conception of Linguistic Rhetorical Culturological Education

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2014, Vol.(1), № 1, pp. 44-55.

The problems of optimization of cross-cultural communication in the mainstream of improving the training of professional linguistic personality (LP) of any profile in the sphere of foreign languages are considered in this article. From the standpoint of linguistic and rhetorical (L&R) paradigm a hierarchically dominant monoposition of category "linguistic personality" is substantiated, while such concepts as "speech personality", "communicative personality," etc. represent only certain aspects of L&R functioning. The essence of cross-cultural dialogue as a discursive process in multiethnic sociocultural and educational space is algorithmized. Formulations of strategy and tactics of linguistic rhetorical culturological (LRC) education are offered in the form of theses of the research program.

URL: http://ejshs.net/journals_n/1396777591.pdf
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9. Aleksandra A. Vorozhbitova, Marina M. Mishina. Sergey I. Potapenko
Free Verse as Active Discursive Process of Literary Belletristic Communication: Linguistic & Rhetorical Approach

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2014, Vol.(1), № 1, pp. 56-60.

From the perspective of linguistic & rhetorical (L&R) paradigm the paper proposes a conception of research into free verse discourse as an active component of contemporary Russian multi-ethnic socio-cultural educational space in the sphere of Literary Belletristic Communication. The authors interpret the positions of "linguistic & rhetorical hermeneutical circle", define principles of L&R research into free verse discourse, propose corresponding definitions.

URL: http://ejshs.net/journals_n/1396777701.pdf
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10. Mikhail Zuev
Intercultural Communication and Winter Olympic Games 2014: Consequences of Cultural and Language Space

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2014, Vol.(1), № 1, pp. 61-64.

The article is devoted to aspects of language communication and a cultural exchange during the host Winter Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi. The processes of an exchange are analyzed between cultural paradigms of foreign guests, tourists from various regions of the Russian Federation and volunteers of the Winter Olympic Games, residents of Great Sochi and Krasnodar Region and all Southern federal district. The paper touches upon actual problem of formation of integration intercultural space in the conditions of continuous improvement of processing methods of communications.

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