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European Journal of Social and Human Sciences

Number 1. (in 1 part) September 17, 2014

1. Alexander Fedorov
Nazi Feature Films on the Russian Topic: Hermeneutic Analysis

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2014, Vol.(3), № 3, pp. 111-117

In this article the author made an attempt to perform a hermeneutic analysis (investigation of media texts interpretation, cultural and historical factors influencing the views of the agency / author of a media text and the audience) of specific examples of Nazi feature films. The hermeneutic analysis of a media text comprehension involves a comparison with a historical, cultural tradition and reality; insight into its logic; comparison of media images in historical and cultural contexts combined with the historical, hermeneutical analyses of the structural, plot, ethical, ideological and iconographic / visual analyses of media stereotypes and media text characters.

URL: http://ejshs.net/journals_n/1410980737.pdf
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2. Sribas Goswami
Public Sector Unit: the Tacit Dimensions

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2014, Vol.(3), № 3, pp. 118-124

This paper throws light on some burning issues of human resource in coal mining sector in contemporary West Bengal. Expansion of coal mining to a large scale is required and it presents enormous challenges not only in ensuring safe and efficient resource extraction techniques, pollution control and roadway / railway infrastructure development, but most importantly making the coal industry responsive to emerging social issues related to coalmining. Enormous challenges in this regard include transparent and accountable community consultation, involvement and participatory development, responsible resettlement and rehabilitation of coalmine-affected populations, and reassessment of numerous Government regulations, policies and legal mechanism relating to land acquisition and mine operations. Beside land acquisition factor entire coal mining sector is now facing some problems related to internal human resource management. This paper aims to focus particularly on some underlying issues relating to human resource on one side and society’s reaction against land acquisition on the other.

URL: http://ejshs.net/journals_n/1410980791.pdf
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3. Tat’yana P. Khlynina
From a Military Fortification to an Olympic Capital: a Historiographical Survey of the History of the Formation and Development of Greater Sochi

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2014, Vol.(3), № 3, pp. 125-143

This survey article examines the historiography of the history of Greater Sochi from antiquity to the time of its becoming the capital of the 2014 Olympics. The author provides a periodization and has summarized literary sources. In addition, the article characterizes the area’s evolution into the Olympic Games host city.

URL: http://ejshs.net/journals_n/1410980844.pdf
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4. Mersid Poturak
Influence of Product Packaging on Purchase Decisions

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2014, Vol.(3), № 3, pp. 144-150

The aim of this research is to investigate the role of packaging on consumer buying behavior, to find out the relationship between package of product and its selling. How big is the importance of package in marketing communications, especially in the point of sale and how much does it influence consumer's purchase decision. The consumer buying behavior is dependent on the packaging and on its features. Packaging elements like color, background image, material, font style, design of wrapper, are taken as predictors. Data for this study were collected through the questionnaire as a method of qualitative research. 300 questionnaires were obtained in giving the final result of this research. Predicted outcome of research is that package performs an important role in purchase decisions.

URL: http://ejshs.net/journals_n/1410980912.pdf
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5. Anna Slatinská
Irish Language as a Part of Cultural Identity of the Irish

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2014, Vol.(3), № 3, pp. 151-155

Language can be perceived as a crucial part of identity. Language enables to pass on experience which is vital for future generations. Language and culture are mutually interconnected. The principal aim of the article is analysis of the importance of Irish language in the context of cultural identity of the Irish. Specifically, we deal with the topical issues concerning language and identity referring to Crystal´s theory of language death. Last but not least we also focus on the renaissance of Irish language in the Republic of Ireland dealing with selected official documents and strategies aimed at cultivation and preservation of the Irish language in the Republic of Ireland.

URL: http://ejshs.net/journals_n/1410980975.pdf
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6. Michail V. Tkachenko
On Competency Building Approach in Education Activities of Vocational-Technical Schools Students

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2014, Vol.(3), № 3, pp. 156-162

The article reviews general characteristics of competency building approach in education; it reviews several stages of its development. Key competencies which young Europeans should have are showed. General characteristics of education program, oriented at competency building model of education, are outlined. Four competency models are stated, each of which leads to different approaches to planning, organization and provision of high vocational education, particularly to evaluation and recognition of student’s achievements and evaluation of his/her job placement possibilities at the job market.

URL: http://ejshs.net/journals_n/1410981035.pdf
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7. Hana Uzun, Mersid Poturak
Factors Affecting Online Shopping Behavior of Consumers

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2014, Vol.(3), № 3, pp. 163-170

The aim of this research is to find out what factors affect consumers in the context of electronic commerce, also to see the relationship between e-satisfaction and e-loyalty. As Internet has become a channel were online transactions have been done, and this created need for companies to understand how consumers perceive online buying. First thing done in this study was integrating relevant literature, and then testing which variables are affecting consumers’ decisions to buy online. Seven hypotheses were formulated regarding to consumers previous experiences with e-commerce. Data gathering was carried out by the survey which was sent online to 200 randomly selected citizens, from which 104 responded. Through the survey, the results of this study pointed out the relation between satisfaction with online service and consumers’ intention to buy in the future which generates customer loyalty. So, the main point of the study was achieved successfully.

URL: http://ejshs.net/journals_n/1410981130.pdf
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