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European Journal of Social and Human Sciences

Number 1. (in 1 part) December 27, 2014

1. Susanna D. Bagdasaryan
The Traditional Folk Culture of the South of the Russian Peasantry in the 1920s: a Place in the Russian Regional Studies

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2014, Vol.(4), № 4, pp. 175-180.

Modern trends in the world put before russian historians new challenges in the study of the past. In terms of urbanization social space current in the historical study become the tasks of preserving knowledge about the origins of the peasant world, its Genesis under the influence of public policy. Industrialization of the twentieth century played for the peasantry not only the role of social progress in agricultural labor, but revolutionary and changed the culture of life. The everyday life of the peasant was filled with new forms of leisure, previously unknown to him, or only included in festive and everyday life. Undoubtedly, the Soviet state system played a special role in its ideology and public education. And in this historical process, a considerable place in the 1920-ies, as the transition time from the First World war that followed the 1917 revolutions, the devastating Civil war of 1918–1920-ies and to the policy of "Great turning point" of the 1930-ies, the result of these historical events changed the course of history of the Russian state was the disappearance of the traditional peasant world. Therefore, the study of the role of the 1920-ies in the country's history has a special place in the regional aspect. Hence the South of Russia with a multi-ethnic and confessional diversity of the peasantry has importance and considerable interest to the historians-regionalists. The article is devoted to the latest trends in the study of traditional culture of the 1920-ies in the South of Russia.

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2. Anna Balabanova
The Importance of Rural Tourism in the Formation of New Forms of Economic Relations in the Region

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2014, Vol.(4), № 4, pp. 181-185.

The article explores the role socio-cultural identity of destinations, international experience in the development of tourism destinations and individual protection mechanisms the attractive social and cultural phenomenon. The article investigates the importance of rural tourism in the formation of new forms of economic relations in the region.

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3. Andrea Izáková, Dana Benčiková
Physical Activities of Female Students of the Matej Bel University During the Menstrual Cycle

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2014, Vol.(4), № 4, pp. 186-189.

This paper presents the results of our research, the main objective of which was to find out the opinions of female university students of bachelor’s studies at the Matej Bel University, about the importance of physical activities during the menstrual cycle, mainly in relation to medical problems as the accompanying phenomenon during the menstrual as well as premenstrual phases. The analysis of the student’s responses has shown that physical activity has a positive influence on problems of female university students related to menstruation, and that menstruation is rarely the reason for not participating in physical activities.

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4. Nadezhda Keschyan
Effect of Climate on the Tourism and Necessity of Research

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2014, Vol.(4), № 4, pp. 190-195.

This article examines the importance of studying the impact of climate change on tourism. Examines the work, the influence of climate and the dependence of tourism in order to identify, concepts and theoretical foundations, methods that can be used in research, weather and climate are considered as factors affecting tourism.

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5. Olga A. Krapivkina
Institutional vs. Personal in Legal Discourse

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2014, Vol.(4), № 4, pp. 196-199.

The article deals with the characteristics of legal discourse and the linguistic status of its subject based on the texts of various legal genres. It aims at discouraging firm views on legal discourse as a purely institutional type of communication. The article suggests the term of personalized legal discourse, analyzes the characteristics typical of this form of communication. The topicality of the research is determined by the need to rethink the traditional views on legal discourse taking into account the modern achievements of Linguistics and Discourse Theory.

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6. Medea Metreveli
Transformations in the Deep Structures

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2014, Vol.(4), № 4, pp. 200-215.

The idea of this work is to find possible ways to put the mechanisms in the process of machine translation developed on the basis of the results of research relations at the level of deep structures of sentences. The article shows the experimental psycholinguistic researches at the level of deep and surface structures of the Georgian and Russian languages.

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7. Tatyana A. Samsonenko
Staffing and Efficiency of Medical Personnel in Rural Healthcare Institutions of Don, Kuban and Stavropol Territories in the 1930th

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2014, Vol.(4), № 4, pp. 216-220.

The article analyzes the peculiarities of staffing rural health facilities in the South of Russia, as well as the performance of staff in rural health facilities in the 1930-ies. Problems of staff shortages, the ways of overcoming them, examine the role of the Soviet and party organs of the country in that matter, as well as the effectiveness of the actions taken by the government.

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