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European Journal of Social and Human Sciences

1 March 31, 2016

1. Jakub Bartoszewski
Prof. Mordecai Roshwald: Experience – A Moderate Epistemological Realism

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2016, Vol.(9), Is. 1, рр. 3-8.

In the proposed article, we'll show moderate epistemological realism of Prof. Roshwald. We will refer to the content of the search for the philosopher pointing at the load-bearing elements of his philosophical thought. The author concluded that the work accepted assumptions that are based on the moderate epistemological realism and the experience of our author. Really an existing reality, in some aspects, is for us cognitively available in direct and indirect experience, intellectual, emotional, bodily, that is also empirically. Which leads us to conclude that the supporters of any such research is possible to provide compelling arguments in favor of any such concept of being in a general sense, the world and the human action we really get to know in an objective and subjective ways. Thus, the structure of work and methodology while adopting the epistemological realism.

URL: http://ejshs.net/journals_n/1459863977.pdf
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2. Ester Demjanová
Dubbing in Slovakia: A Heuristic Overview of the Process

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2016, Vol.(9), Is. 1, рр. 9-16.

This paper deals with dubbing and its specifics in Slovakia. The categorization of countries according to their preference in audiovisual translation is re-considered and re-designed around the current data regarding audiovisual translation in Europe. The focus of the article then shifts to dubbing in Slovakia and to some extent Czech Republic, where there is a strong preference for dubbing over subtitling in television production. A heuristic basis for the process of dubbing production based on personal experience and observations of the author is introduced and some issues that arise during this process are addressed. The current situation and changes in comparison to the past in the (Czecho-)Slovak dubbing are depicted and analyzed. The paper offers a brief outlook on dubbing from a rather empirical point of view.

URL: http://ejshs.net/journals_n/1459864050.pdf
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3. Alena Ďuricová
Reflections on a Defective Source Text

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2016, Vol.(9), Is. 1, рр. 17-22.

In this article the author discusses translation of defective source legal texts and offers solution proposals. The study deals with an authentic legal text which is to be translated into German. It proceeds from an analysis and classification of errors in the selected text and makes an effort to generalise the translation strategy used in translation of a defective text based on a comparison with other texts, while it relies on the translation methods offered by the translation theory. The study deals with legal translation in particular, therefore a specific solution is needed. The article has been developed under the APVV-0226-12 TranSius – From Conventions to Norms of Translations in the Legal Discourse project. It presents results of our own research, which is an integral part of the above mentioned project. On one hand, the presented results reflect the translation theory and on the other hand, they reflect the conventions in legal translation. The aim of the article is to propose a way of implementing the recommended results as a standard approach in translation of legal texts.

URL: http://ejshs.net/journals_n/1459864108.pdf
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4. Alexander Fedorov
The Image of the White Movement in the Soviet Films of 1950s – 1980s

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2016, Vol.(9), Is. 1, рр. 23-42.

This article gives the way for hermeneutic analysis of the topic of the White movement in the mirror of the Soviet cinema (1950s-1980s, the feature films of the sound period). The hermeneutical analysis suggests media text comprehension through comparison with historical, cultural tradition and reality; penetration of its logic; through comparison of media images in historical and cultural context by combining historical, hermeneutical analysis of the structural, plot, ethical, ideological, iconographic / visual, media stereotypes and analysis of media text characters. An analysis of this kind of media texts, in our opinion, is particularly important for media literacy education of future historians, culture and art historians, sociologists, psychologists and educators. Thus, the comparative analysis of plot schemes, characters, and ideology of the Soviet sound films of 1950s -1980s, in varying degrees of affecting the subject of the White movement, leads to the conclusion about the essential similarity of their media stereotypes. Content analysis of screen media texts of 1950s-1980s on the topic related to the White movement allows generally to submit their basic narrative schemes.

URL: http://ejshs.net/journals_n/1459864171.pdf
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5. Irina N. Markaryan
Determination of the Degree of Attractiveness of the Resort-City of Sochi in Present-Day Conditions

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2016, Vol.(9), Is. 1, рр. 43-52.

In this article, based on a comprehensive questionnaire survey of visitors to the city of Sochi, the authors attempt to identify and analyze the major elements of the attractiveness of a specific resort region in its post-Olympic period of development, when there has been put together all relevant infrastructure for the effective development of the tourism industry and ancillary, industry servicing, spheres of entrepreneurial activity, with a view to putting together a strategy for sustainable development based on the localization of the region’s competitive advantages. The analysis has helped to reveal the lack of a uniform marketing strategy that is consistent at different levels and tactics for the development of the tourism sector and resort business with a view to boosting the attractiveness of Sochi’s competitive tourism services. The authors’ research has indirectly reflected the strengths and weaknesses of the resort-city of Sochi in terms of its attractiveness during the post-Olympic period from the viewpoint of the city’s visitors, their attitude towards the quality, range, and cost of its tourism services, its infrastructure, which is founded on the technical, functional, and social components of quality, which affect the size of demand.

URL: http://ejshs.net/journals_n/1459864233.pdf
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6. Tatiana Papiashvili, Diana Mtchedlishvili, Lali Gigauri
Deepening Cooperation in the Black Sea Region: IBSU Project Experience

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2016, Vol.(9), Is. 1, рр. 53-58.

The article shares the experience of two-year project within Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme. Five Universities from four Black Sea region countries were involved into the project. Based on conducted surveys, statistical analysis of the results are done. Huge potential of such a projects is underlined.

URL: http://ejshs.net/journals_n/1459864334.pdf
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