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European Journal of Social and Human Sciences

1 June 15, 2017

Articles and Statements

1. Jakub Bartoszewski, Bartlomiej Skowronski, Anna Bartoszewska, Katarzyna Przysucha
Efficacy of Psychotherapy Treatment of the Neurotic (Anxiety) Disorders Capabilities

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2017, 4(1): 3-10.

In the proposed paper we have undertaken studies on the effectiveness of the original psychotherapeutic notions called the psychotherapy of capabilities. The aim of this paper is to indicate that the psychotherapy of capabilities brings effects in reducing the neurotic (anxiety) disorders. Methods. In the study, a random selection of a group was made in the number of 36 people (N=36), who were diagnosed, according to the ICD-10 qualification, anxiety type of disorders (a. F40 – anxiety disorders in the form of phobia (N=4); b. F41 – other anxiety disorders (N=19); c. F42 – obsessive-compulsive disorders (N=3); d. F45 – disorders occurring under the somatic form (N=36 including people with F40 and F41, F42 and F48); e. F48 – other neurotic disorders (N=9)). The N=36 group was divided into three N=12 groups, where 24 sessions of group psychotherapy were performed and 4 hours of individual therapy for each person during the study. At the beginning of psychotherapy, the measurement was performed using the OWK questionnaire (the “O” Symptomatic Questionnaire) and KON (Neurotic Personality Questionnaire). After its completion, the program participants were also subjected to the test with the mentioned questionnaires.

URL: http://ejshs.net/journals_n/1501665191.pdf
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2. Kazimierz Gryżenia
Modern Globalism Versus Traditional Universalism. Freedom or Totalitarian Oppression?

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2017, 4(1): 11-24.

The terms used in the title ‘modern globalism’ and ‘traditional universalism’ have been explained in the article. Globalism as a contemporary phenomenon with a worldwide range has a circle of its supporters and opponents. The meetings of prominent globalists are protected by the police and government services, whereas street protests of antiglobalists are pacified. Can we conclude from that, that globalism is a good and demanded phenomenon, whereas antiglobalism is a source of unjustified anxiety? The following study is not a comparison of globalism to universalism, but rather a dispute between globalism and universalism. Supporters of globalism attribute to supporters of universalism totalitarian tendencies and vice versa. The basic question that accompanied the following analysis is: Is globalism a liberating phenomenon, or rather a negative phenomenon, as totalitarianism? In order to achieve that the two mental tendencies have been characterised and criticised. Globalism, contrary to universalism, takes advantage of the doctrine which denies truth, common moral rules or any objective and universal statements as a criterion to resolve the dispute. In case of lack of such criteria, there is a threat of irrational solutions, depending on the opinion of imaginary experts, and finally manipulation of human convictions. Global system of governance, where the dominating role is played by international institutions, banks and various corporations, on which state governments and whole societies are dependant, shows many features of totalitarianism, though not in the known to us forms of fascism or communism.

URL: http://ejshs.net/journals_n/1501665251.pdf
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3. Andriy E. Lebid, Anna Marchenko
The Role of Methodology as a Key Component of Modern Analytic Philosophy

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2017, 4(1): 25-28.

The article views methodology as a key component in the development of analytic philosophy, as well as a primary criterion for identifying analytic philosophy in its modern state. It deals with the analysis of language, geographical, thematic, and methodological components of analytic philosophy as a way of identifying its origins and distinguishing it from continental philosophy. It discovers that while language, geographical, and thematic criteria do not provide a coherent picture of the development of analytic philosophy, especially in its current state, methodological criterion reveals a certain consistency and heredity among different branches of analytic philosophy. In the modern context, when analytic philosophy has spread worldwide, is practiced in many languages, and often shares its themes with those traditionally perceived as continental, it is important to focus on the aspect of methodology as a defining criterion.

URL: http://ejshs.net/journals_n/1501665325.pdf
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4. Tetyana V. Morei
Archival Materials about the Situation of Medical Institutions in the Kiev Province at the end of the XVIII – first half of the XIX century

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2017, 4(1): 29-34.

The article investigates archival materials that illustrate the occupation of government bodies that have dealt with healthcare issues in the Kiev province after a medical reform in 1797. The Medical Council and the Order Public Assistance they both established and maintained hospitals, shelters for disabled, orphans. The issues of providing hospitals with necessary medicines and materials are lightened. The epidemiological situation in the region and the measures taken to control diseases have been analyzed. The aim of the article is to analyze the materials that deal with healthcare system of population of the Kiev province at the end of the XVIII – first half of the XIX century.

URL: http://ejshs.net/journals_n/1501665385.pdf
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5. Reynaldo Gacho Segumpan, Joanna Soraya Abu Zahari
Life in an Intelligent City: an Ethnomethodological Study of Global Expatriates’ Work-Life Balance

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2017, 4(1): 35-48.

Discussions on intelligent cities are brewing in social science literature. Our study examined how global expatriates in Muscat, an intelligent city in the Sultanate of Oman, strike a work-life balance (WLB). The main theoretical pursuit of this ethnomethodological research examined the meanings which were in the practices of expatriates as they attempted in keeping an equilibrium between job/career and personal/family issues. Eleven expatriates from Egypt, Jordan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Sudan, and United Kingdom shared their practices on their work-life interface while living and/or working in Muscat. The following themes surfaced from the analyses: Embracing Personal Excellence; Enhancing Partner’s Social Engagement; Engaging in Community Development; Synchronizing Work-Family Affairs; Socializing with Others; Communicating in Home Country; and Finding Time for Relaxation. It is concluded that expatriates strike a WLB by practising socially (re)constructed realities.

URL: http://ejshs.net/journals_n/1501665688.pdf
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6. Elena Vallová
Some Problems of the Terminological and Translatological Analysis of a Detective Novel Written by M.C. Beaton Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death

European Journal of Social and Human Sciences, 2017, 4(1): 49-52.

This paper deals with some problems of the terminological and translatological analysis of a detective novel written by M. C. Beaton, the title is Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death. The Slovak translation was done by Emília Perez by the title Agatha Raisinová a otrávený koláč. Detective fictions are very popular literature for all age categories in all parts of our planet. The modern detective stories contain terms from different activities of human being and therefore the translators are very often solving the problems of translating them from source to target language. In our contribution we would like to point out some results of our research of the translation the terms of law, medicine, tourism, botany, toponymy and culture from English language to Slovakian language.

URL: http://ejshs.net/journals_n/1501665833.pdf
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URL: http://ejshs.net/journals_n/1501665869.pdf
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